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Welcome to the LCBA website!

This is the official website for the Lane County Beekeepers Association, a non-profit organization dedicated to the field of bees and beekeeping. For more information check out our "About Us" page


June Meeting EXTRA!! Early Hour Talk 6:15 PM

The 2016 Swarm List!

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Did you lose hives this year? Read this!

UFL Video Must See: Hopefully you all have bookmarked the eXtension.org website but if you have not, get it done. The bee health section has new information being added all the time, so check back often. The latest thing to be added are 4 videos produced by UFL which feature Dr Jamie Ellis covering pest and diseases. You should watch the video on varroa mites several times to be able to get all the info it has to offer. You will also find videos on Nosema Disease, Small Hive Beetle and Tracheal Mites. All are must-sees!

There is a link to this on the links page.

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